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Minimalism Action Plan

In my last post, I talked about my growing interest in minimalism. I decided to make a Minimalism Action Plan (or MAP for short, which is kinda appropriate really!) It is still a work in progress and might get changed but for now, here is what I plan to do.

  • Go through everything in my room. I did this a couple of months ago but I’m going to revisit the things that I kept last time that I wasn’t sure about. If I haven’t used it in those 2 months it’s going!
  • Tackle the sentimental stuff. When I said I went through everything last time, I lied. I left the drawer under my bed because it is full of sentimental stuff. Photos, birthday/Christmas cards, a souvenir from a school trip when I was 9… A commemorative mug with the Queen on it from her Golden Jubilee in 2002… Other crap that I have kept for no logical reason, you get the idea.
  • Decide what is most important to me. Minimalism is about making time and space for the important things, I just need to decide what those are.
  • Revisit my capsule wardrobe. After my first declutter I drastically reduced my wardrobe. Time to go back, see what I’ve worn and what I haven’t and see if its working for me.


There are other things I need to work on too. I had a job interview this week and I was really nervous. I decided that none of the tops in my capsule wardrobe were suitable for this particular interview and went on a shopping spree. I scoured every shop and found nothing that I wanted to incorporate into my capsule wardrobe. At least I remembered to stick to the system and didn’t just buy something for the sake of it! So I returned home, tried on 4 tops with my black trousers, thinking about the pros and cons of each and finally chose one.

In reality any of the 4 tops would have been fine, there was no need for my manic shopping spree. I was nervous, overthinking and tried to seek comfort/confidence from a new purchase. I’m glad I didn’t. In the end my interview went well (I think/hope!) and my choice of outfit wouldn’t have made a huge difference, as long as I looked presentable.

So the plan is to tackle the bullet points above and no more panicky, unnecessary shopping trips! If anyone has any tips for avoiding those, I’d love to read them. Please leave them below in the comments.

Take care,