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Venturing into Minimalism

For those who have known me on Twitter for the last couple of years, this may seem like a strange post for me to be writing. Its well known that I love shopping and I can be quite sentimental, holding on to things just because someone else gave them to me. Minimalism has never been a part of my lifestyle. In fact, I’d go as far as admitting that in the not so distant past I have been a mindless consumer, trying to get some sense of belonging or completeness from buying stuff. I always thought that I was immune to the advertising and the “buying this will make you happier/cooler/smarter/prettier” propaganda but I can see now that I wasn’t. Far from it.

Most people know that I’m in the middle of finding a job as a live in nanny and once I get a job, I’ll be leaving home and moving to wherever the job is. Its a huge step for me and frankly a scary one but I know I’ll regret it if I don’t take this chance. So to help my worry-prone brain get used to the idea, I decided to start sorting out my stuff. My bedroom was utter chaos! I should have taken a photo before I started (Although to be honest, even if I had I would have been too ashamed to post it!) but I didn’t, so you’ll have to trust me when I say my desk and half of my floor was covered in piles of “stuff”. Clothes that needed putting away, letters, papers and receipts that needed sorting, random things that I didn’t have a home for and didn’t know what to do with, it was ridiculous! That was just the things I could see, before I got started on my wardrobe or drawers.

I spent a couple of days sorting through things and trying to decide where I was going to put everything once I was done sorting. Eventually I had to admit that I had too much stuff and I had a light bulb moment.

How much of this stuff will I take when I move?

The thought of having to pack up my life and fit it in the back of my car made me realise that I had so much stuff I would leave behind. If I wouldn’t take it, I don’t need it.

 … So then why keep it?

I went through my whole room bit by bit. My criteria was to remove anything that;

  • Was broken
  • I have more than one of (if I only really need one)
  • Didn’t fit
  • Didn’t suit me
  • I didn’t need to keep (old letters, out of date vouchers etc)
  • I didn’t like but had kept because it was a gift
  • Was out of date (body cream, makeup etc)
  • I didn’t need but kept for some inexplicable reason

Two bags of rubbish, four bags for the charity shop, two boxes of books and one box of CDs/DVDs later… My room looked empty! I loved it!

Its been just over a month since I decluttered and its made a huge difference. In the meantime I’ve been reading up on minimalism and its something that I want to keep working on. So this is the first post of several that will focus on me venturing into minimalism. In the next post I’m going to make a plan of action so I know what my next steps will be.

Tips and advice are always welcome!

Take care,

Hayley x


I’ve made a good start on the Bucket List I posted a couple of weeks ago by completing one last week! I have now ticked off Leave the country by travelling to Norway!


It was a family holiday and our first time on a cruise. It was amazing to wake up in a different port each day and I’ve never felt so well looked after, ever! Everything about it was fantastic and Norway is such a beautiful country. As mentioned on my bucket list, it had been 8 years since I last went abroad, due to my hatred of planes so getting out of the country was an important step for me. In the future I plan to take short flights to places like Edinburgh or Dublin because I know that the only way to get over a fear is to do it repeatedly. I’ve learnt that over the last 11 years of fighting anxiety, its hard but its the only way. Here are a few highlights of my trip:






These photos were taken in Olden, a beautiful part of Norway.  It was a very small place but so picturesque. The last photo is my favourite, purely because of the man standing behind me! His expression cracks me up every time! “What is that weird girl doing?!” I was trying to look like a troll…

We also visited Bergen, Alesund and Stavanger but the above pics are my best photos, I’m no photographer!

Another thing on my bucket list is to see the Northern Lights. I couldn’t do it this time because its the wrong time of year but that just gives me an excuse to go back! Although I’ve always wanted to visit Iceland so maybe I could go there to see the lights instead. If you have seen the Northern Lights please comment below and let me know where you went to see them. Any advice on the best places and times to visit is welcome!

I have to admit, I had post holiday blues when I got home, which has never really happened to me before. I guess taking away the stressful part (flying) let me enjoy myself because I didn’t spend the whole holiday thinking about having to get back on the plane… Yes I know how stupid that sounds, its something for me to work on.

Take care,